Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Spring Beaudelaires!

These are my second pair of Cookie socks in a week, finished my Monkeys a few days ago and didn't post a picture yet, but here are my Spring Beaudelaires, Fortissima Socka I think color #34, on #1 Addi's, magic loop. First time for short-row wrapped heels, and also cables without a cable needle, you learn something new every day!! ;0)


scrub with needles said...

Wow! That doll is so real! It is absolutely beautiful. I live close by! (Clare) Also your socks are wonderful! Here is a link to my blog


Rebecca said...

Very pretty! I've wanted to knit that pair of socks for a while now. Too many socks, too little time.

Rebecca said...

Hey Vicki...been trying to contact you! I need to know if you received your Monkey Sock Package and if you have mailed yours.

Your Monkey Pal and I are concerned whether you are okay!